Investment Philosophy


We believe that investment management is much more than just a group of products or performance track records.  We strive to know our clients and their specific investment objectives and goals before recommending any strategies or products.


We don’t market individual stocks or bonds.  We feel we can serve our clients best by becoming managers of investment managers as opposed to being investment managers ourselves.  With this philosophy our views are objective, we can replace managers when they fail to perform relative to benchmarks and client objectives.  This approach also provides our clients with the best minds from around the globe managing their money for each specific asset class, instead of one individual juggling it all.


We prioritize risk management over absolute returns.  Our long-term goal of course is to generate as much growth for our clients with the least amount of risk possible for their specific objective. However, if we had to choose between a significant chance of losing our clients’ capital or to not getting any returns, we will pick the latter.  With this philosophy, we carefully choose investment managers that focus on both capital preservation and growth. 


We don’t market investments simply on their past performance.  While it’s important to have a history on the fund, we spend more time researching how the fund or manager will perform given the current economic condition and proactively change managers should a need arise.