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Privacy & Security Policy

Our Commitment to Protecting your Privacy:


We make best efforts to comply with the federal Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and applicable provincial privacy laws.  We strive to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality to ensure the protection of your personal information (PI).  We also adhere to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Regulations (CASL) and will only communicate electronically with your consent or where the information provided is necessary to the on-going good standing status of your policy. 


We are responsible for the personal information we that we receive from you.  We will take appropriate and reasonable measures to safeguard that information in whatever form it is held. 

How we Collect, Use, Share, Disclose and Retain Your Information: 

With your consent, we collect information that helps me formulate advice and a recommendation of the most suitable products or services available to purchase through us.  We collect all personal and corporate information including related personal details, financial and health information and use and retain it solely for the purposes of providing advice.  We convey your personal information to Insurers through wholesale organizations known as Managing General Agencies (MGAs), which are contracted to provide administrative services to them.  We may share this information with others to obtain help in areas outside of our areas of expertise.  We are required to retain much of the information we collect for regulatory reasons including demonstrating that the recommendations we make are suitable and have addressed your identified needs. 


We use your personal information to identify products, concepts and services to address needs you have identified.  By signing our consent form, you agree:

  • to provide accurate, current, and updated information throughout our business relationship as your circumstances change,

  • to allow us to use, share and disclose this information on an as-needed basis with our suppliers, associates and wholesale organizations, which may retain some information on file for future use and reference by us, our suppliers and any assignees,

  • to allow us to retain your PI including, health information as detailed on your applications and any financial details you have provided, in our records for as long as we are your advisors or have a business or regulatory need to retain the information; and

  • to the assignment of your file, including your PI, to another agent and/or agency, to continue to service your needs, in the event that your advisor becomes incapacitated, dies or retires.  You will, however, have the right to choose your own agent, should you not agree to the agent chosen for the re-assignment. 

How we Protect Your Personal Information: 

All employees, associated advisors, wholesale organizations and suppliers that are granted access to client records are required by law and regulation to keep this information protected and confidential and to use the information only for the purposes identified.  We have established physical and systems safeguards, along with proper processes, to protect client information from unauthorized access or use.  We do not sell your PI to anyone nor do we share your PI with organizations outside of our relationship with you that would use it to contact you about their own products or services.

Your Privacy Choices: 

You may withdraw your consent, which allows us to retain your personal information on file, at any time (subject to legal or contractual obligations) by providing us with reasonable notice.  Withdrawing your consent may prevent us from providing you with appropriate updates on products or services which may be in your best interests and/or fit into your long-term financial plan. 

Your Right to Complain:

You have the right to complain confidentially to us, to the insurer and to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada where you believe there has been a breach of your personal information to an unauthorized party. 

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