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What We Do

Financial advice and help planning your financial life is a key part of what we offer. It's not enough to have a few disconnected products. They should be set up to support each other and help you move toward your goals. 


The strategies we use to accomplish your goals:

  • Holistic Financial Plans

  • Insurance Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Investment Planning

  • Education Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Business Succession Planning


The vehicles we use to carry out the plan:

  • Life Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Long-term Care Insurance

  • RRSP's

  • TFSA's

  • RESP's

  • RDSP's

  • Non-Registered


The services that we offer you:

  • Get to know you and your goals

  • Design, apply, oversee plans

  • Continually rebalance portfolios with the market

  • Monitor insurance needs

  • Group Benefits

  • Group Retirement